Teenagers and Tattoos

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Keisy Zarate Sampada Chavan English 1301 July 27, 2014 Teenagers and Tattoos In the article "On Teenagers and Tattoos" written by Andres Martin it justifies the various reasoning’s behind teenagers tattooing themselves. The main attention that attracts teen to get tattoos is to become individuals or to become a part of a group. Adolescents who get tattoos want to differ from the custom, or conform to the norm of a group or society. Teens also like the knowledge of a tattoo because of the permanence it has. Many people who get tattoos do it for a personal reason, so that they can be forever reminded of the reason that they got the tattoo. Tattoos, whether meant for a reaction, for art, or for a meaning, should not be judged simply by appearance, but rather viewed as another way to see an individual's way of being. Numerous adolescents feel as though they can’t fit into society these years, that they have to be a certain; height, color, size in order to be classified as normal. Andres mentions that adolescents get tattoos because they “offer a concrete… solution for many of the identity crisis and conflicts”(pg143). Tattoos bring out individuality in a person; it shows who they are or who they want to be. Because society has set the “norm” of the way we are supposed to look like, teen-agers want to rebel by expressing the saying “it’s my body, I can do what I want” (Cinefidel). A lot of people that don’t understand the meaning of why teenagers want to feel unique, without being told how they have to look in order to fit in, will never see the beauty of a tattoo, “if I don’t fit in, it is because I say so” (144) they will just see it as a harmful way to hurt or destroy your body that god created for you. Tattoos are now seen as a “sense of style and fashion” that young adults see on their day to day basis on television everywhere, allowing them to believe that

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