Language Used In Social Networking Essay

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Social networking is a phenomenon that is now used by millions. It uses writing, pictures, audio and various other techniques to allow people to communicate over the Internet. As the popularity of social networking has grown, various different styles of slang language have become common to assist with ease of communication and expressing emotion. I chose to investigate the uses of this modern day slang and reasons why people have adapted to using this language. After analyzing my personal news feed on which is a popular social networking website that has over 600 million active users, I discovered that language is often shortened to keep the typed conversation fluent and hasty. (E.g. what are you doing- what up? Another common language technique is to remove letter from words or use shorter alternate spellings (e.g. what are you doing? – wat r u doin?). I also discovered that there are several common monograms used such as “lol” (laugh out loud). The language posted by people on Facebook is often simple to accommodate for the fact that it will possibly be read by a large audience, with different grammatical capabilities. After comparing to some other popular social networking websites, I discovered that it is easy to post almost anything on the website as the language is uncensored, this creates the possibility of offensive or abusive language being used. is a social website where people use language to communitace with others and express interests with others. I discovered that people often use facebook to say things that they would not say in person, whether this be offensive or unusual or engaging in conversation with people that they would not engage with otherwise. users use language to express themselves over the Internet. After interviewing Paul Myers, The channel manager of
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