Social Bookmarking in Marketing

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Ruseliz Luna Phase 1 4/4/2015 Social Bookmarking Many of us are participating in social bookmarking ever day without even noticing. When we share an interesting link of a specific website with our family and friends, we are, in fact, participating in social bookmarking. Social bookmarking is the action of tagging/bookmarking a website and saving it for later. What is unique about social bookmarking websites such as Reddit, Digg, StumpleUpon and Delicious is that instead of saving the pages to your web browser, you are actually saving them to the web so you can access any time at any place, which also makes it easier to share them with your friends. The core purpose of social bookmarking is clear: to be able to share, and bookmark content with others as well as share useful information without having to save it to a website, thus, having it readily available at any time and any place. Though social media is very popular amongst b2b firms, it seems that social bookmarking is just now taking off. Not many b2b firms currently use these websites, but there is definitely an uprising in the popularity of them amongst the b2b world. In fact, companies such as Microsoft and Intel are realizing the use of these sites and are finding ways to maximize it. Most social bookmarking websites work by letting the user see what others think is interesting as well as post, bookmark and share ideas they may have and want to share. For example, the social bookmarking site Reddit, allows users to share news, and direct links to websites, and vote “up” or “down” on entries to better organize them based on popularity. This helps people see what articles are good or not. If you decide to search a specific topic on one of these sites, it will show you a list of related articles or websites. If you have one in particular with much more “up-votes” than the others, it will be clear that

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