Contemporary Issues in Hr- Social Media in the Workplace

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Introduction According to Wikipedia Social media includes web- and mobile-based technologies which enables interactive dialogue among organizations, communities, and individuals. It is the future of communication and has relevance not only for regular internet users, but business as well. Social media use in the workplaces, for work purposes, is gathering steam. It has taken not only the internet, but the world by storm. From one-on-one conversations between friends, to multi-billion dollar business alliances, social media has and is transforming the way the world socializes and the way it does business. Some of the more popular sites include facebook, twitter, linkedin, You Tube, My Space and Wikipedia. These networking sites have changed the way that individuals, and increasingly businesses, interact with each other. One of the main characteristics of social media is that it is often treated by users as an informal and temporary mode of communication, similar to a chat with a friend over a drink. However, anything posted on the Internet is semi-permanent and may well be seen by unintended recipients. Many are of the view that whilst there are enormous benefits there also are extenuating risks that may be equally huge raising the question, should employers ban the use of social media at the workplace? This paper examines the pros and cons of the social media in the workplace, identifying and analyzing some of the obvious benefits and risks involved. The opinions of highly qualified professionals are considered throughout the research with sufficient and compounding arguments to support each side. The Benefits Although some companies block social media, there has been an overwhelming response by many to the use of the social media in the work place. There are many benefits to social media that companies cannot ignore in areas such as customer

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