Lack of Quality Education in urban areas vs Rual area

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James goes to a school in a the hood there is trash and a lot of unwanted things around there where a school should be. It is unsafe for any child to walk to. The school its self is old and not renovated at all, there are a lot of graffiti art on the walls everywhere kids smoking and messing with the pipes and just a lot of nasty and unhealthy thins happening in there. Although the school is not as new and updated, the children are still smart and have a will to learn but there is a lack of quality education in that area because it is in the area it’s in. while James goes to this urban school his cousin which lives in the urban area gets bussed out to a suburban school where their school is fairly new updated to the present and the education is great. The environment that it’s in is great as well but why is it that the city would update the suburban school and not update or renovate the urban ones. From my experience of going to a public school it was ok my school was the most diverse school in CT we had all different types of races in that school. The school was in the suburban but the students that went to the school where from the urban area and suburban areas. Now the public school in the urban part of where my school was not all that great there scores were not that great either and I a lot of people where changing schools and coming to my school because of the good program that we had. A lot of parents would use their sisters, cousins, and aunts address just so that they would have quality education. I think that shouldn’t happen if you are noticing the difference in scores at schools in the district and the urban schools aren’t doing to good that’s a problem. One of the greatest problems in American society today is a variation in the quality of education, reliant upon the wealth, or lack thereof, in particular areas. This problem is especially famous in areas
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