Keeping Online Poker Out of Classroom

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In their essays “keeping online poker out of classroom: Why Professors should ban Laptops, and “laptops in the classroom? No problem.”Authors Andrew Goldstein and Elain Choy discuss their opinion on whether or not laptops in the class rooms or a good idea or should they be banned. I personally agree with Choy. You will understand why I have come to this decision to support Elain Choy position. To begin with, Goldstein first argument is “can it really be that all those students who are earnestly taking notes in my econ class, never looking up for a moment but always tapping away, are trying to get down every word the lecturer is saying” (Goldstein, 289). This argument, to me, does not hold much water. How does he know what every student is doing? He then continues and says “And I confess that I myself have done all these things in this course, and also in poly sci, another large lecture” (Goldstein, 289). How can you complain about something you yourself do? Hypocritical much! I would also like to point out the fact that Mr. Goldstein is a student while Choy is a professor, if the professors not complaining then why should he. Also, another rebuttal Goldstein brings up is that the taping of the keys is a distraction. “The tapping noise is also distracting, and I think, that as a member of the class, I have a right to be protected from such distractions” (Goldstein, 271). In my opinion this statement is a weak argument, the low taping noise of the keyboard, really? Also Goldstein contradict himself by saying “ but I suppose someone might complain that when I turn the page of the spiral notebook in which I am scribbling notes, the sound of the paper is distracting” (Goldstein, 272). I look at this statement in a sarcastic manner because I never heard anyone complain when someone turns a page as a matter of fact I never heard anyone complain about the tapping

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