Behavior Management and Strategies: a Case Study

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Behavior Management and Strategies: A Case Study The case study of a fifteen year old boy being accused of stealing and using the IOSIE approach to identify the problems, form objectives as to how the problems will be handled and in what order, solutions are formed that achieve the objectives the teacher has set in place, the solutions are implemented, and finally an evaluation is done by the teacher to see if the solutions fulfilled the objectives. When evaluating the solution implementation, it needs to be done intermittently throughout the time frame so if one implementation is not meeting the objectives the teacher will have time to come up with a different solution, implement it and evaluate its results. This has to be repeated as many times as is necessary until the desired behavior is accomplished. It is usually an on-going process throughout the school term. The last part of the paper consists of strategies that could be used in the classroom to prevent undesirable behavior from occurring. In Mrs. Grabowski’s tenth grade algebra for beginners’ mathematics course, a male student, Timmy is continually accused of stealing from unsigned notes placed on my desk. Timmy has a record of misdeeds but nothing has ever been proven because of lack of evidence and uncooperation from fellow students. These unproven charges have left a black cloud hanging over Timmy; however, there are a few fellow classmates who believe in his innocence. I have spoken to Timmy privately on many occasions about his lack of doing class assignments, homework, and his general deportment while in class. These talks have had no effects on Timmy’s willingness to change his behavior. He has stated on many occasions that he does not comprehend why he is seen or thought of as part of the criminal element. When I ask him about the class work, he changes the subject about the class work and states
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