The Children's Story Manipulation Essay

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Manipulation Children today will manifest tomorrow’s world, and what they learn will determine what kind of world they will create. In the short story, “The Children’s Story” by James Clavell, young students are manipulated to abandoning their religion, faith in their parents and most adults, and lastly their symbol of nationality. The new teacher gains control of the classroom and over the students by manipulating them into disbarring their previous notions. Those, whom lack a sound base of knowledge to support their beliefs, will easily forsake them for new ideas. The usage of diction throughout the story changes as the new teacher gains control over the children. After the children’s country had been taken over by the invading force the new regime is not given a name only referred to as “THEM” or “THEY” (1), by using this the author dehumanizes them. The vague connotation of these words takes away any personal description of them, as well as makes a clear differentiation…show more content…
“First we have roll call,” Johnny said. (3) The repetition of the phrase ‘roll call’ used in this dialog is given such significance because it is used by the new teacher as a method of control the students. She manipulates the students here by controlling them. Even Johnny finally concedes to the manipulation by attacking his own father. “I ALWAYS WONDERED WHY HE DIDN’T LISTEN, AND ALL THE TIME HE WASN’T THERE” (7). Johnny seeming to be the least affected by the teacher’s manipulation and even being her biggest skeptic first to refute anything she had to say. The diction used here dehumanizes johnny’s father by not giving him a name, and it is evident that the teacher is the only reason Johnny feels this way and would come to this conclusion. Diction was not the only thing to change in the story; the characters underwent their own changes as

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