Robert Billings's Personality Change In The Novel 'The Wave'

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The Wave Essay In the Novel ‘The Wave’ by Norton Rue a character named Robert Billings undergoes a personality change. He goes from a social outcast to a eager student to a regular student. The three main points I will discussing in this essay are; What Robert’s personality was like before The Wave, How Roberts personality changed during The Wave and his personality after The Wave had ended. Robert Billings was a social outcast at his school, no-body liked him, no-body wanted to talk to him and basically he had no friends. In the book all off his class peers disliked him for no apparent reason, they thought just because he acted a bit weird they decided not to talk to him or pay attention to him. Robert did not care about school, he did not listen in class and his grades were not very good, he even said he does not care about school. So as you can see Robert Billings was one of those kids who did not care very much…show more content…
Students who were on The Wave started to talk and do stuff with Robert just because he and they were in The Wave. Robert loved the attention he was getting so much it drove him a bit crazy, he overacted about the wave, he loved it so much he started to care about school and having friends, his grades went up and so did his friends, he was socialising more. Robert wanted The Wave to succeed he was pressuring students to join the Wave and those who were not in The Wave he would torment them. For example one day the school was having a sports match against another school and Robert made sure that only Wave members were aloud in the stands, he had students at the gates to make sure only Wave members could get in, he even offered to be the bodyguard of Mr Ross(the teacher/leader of the

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