Lockie Leonard Human Torpedo

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A number of themes are explored throughout the book Lockie Leonard Human Torpedo, written by Tim Winton. Pick one of these themes and explain how it relates to your own life as a teenager growing up in country Australia. In this book it looks at teenagers and how their relationships develop. It is a funny way of looking at the thoughts teenagers have and how they deal with the situations. Throughout the book the main theme focused on the relationships within Lockie’s family, with his girlfriend Vicki and between Lockie and his teachers. I understood the points they were making, but in real life I do not think we act like this. An example of this “Lockie pulled her down on him and felt her breasts crushing against his chest.” (Page 66). Lockie and Vicki were making out in the room with the pool table, but in real life we do not normally act like this at such a young age (13). Normally teenagers hang out with their friends and do not spend all their time with one girl/boy. In the beginning Lockie does not have much respect for his parents, his brother and little sister and, they do not really seem to care what he thinks. Lockie realises in the end that his family is actually really caring and when Lockie started to appreciate them it made the relationship's with his Mum, Dad and younger brother stronger. “Me Mum once said that us kids made her and the old man real happy. I always remember that.” (Page 54). Lockie did not like some of his teachers and they did not get on very well. Well lets just say he ended up in the guidance officer’s office a few times. In woodwork he did not get a proper project because Borax thought he could not do one, because Lockie did not know what the names were of the tools he was using. The guidance officer, John East got along with Lockie, they talked about what was happening at school. After he was going out
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