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1. Discuss the possible reasons why some students cheat their way through school. Outline Introduction * Define cheating and state the 3 possible reasons why students cheat. Body Paragraph 1 * Reason 1: Cheating offers an easy way out. Body Paragraph 2 * Reason 2: Students feel unprepared for an examination. Body Paragraph 3 * Reason 3: To make their parents proud and not face disappointment. Conclusion * Why cheating is bad * Solution to reasons making students not cheat. Why Students Cheat Through School Snehal Kathuria Ms. Ramsey Wednesday, October 26, 11 Cheating in school is defined as an act of dishonesty in order to gain an advantage during an examination. Students that are caught cheating face a wide range of extreme consequences. Knowing this, students still decide to perform this act and risk getting caught. There are a variety of reasons that tempt students to cheat; a few of them are: cheating offers an easy way out, making parents proud and the fear of facing disappointment, and simply just being unprepared for an exam. Some students believe it is alright to cheat on an examination therefore making cheating an option for them right of the bat. This gives them an easy way out of an examination the next day while everyone else in their class is studying last minute. Students always try to look for shortcuts. Cheating being one of them, they decide to take it. In their mind, if cheating is an option then they don’t bother studying. Copying another student’s homework is also considered cheating. This is another example of how students don’t bother studying when they have the easy way of copying somebody else’s work and finishing as quickly as possible. This shows that the student is simply lazy as they choose not to study and take the shortcut to success. The most common reason for students

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