No Privacy Allowed

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Candace Burgess ENC0020 Mr. Schaberg 17 November 2010 No Privacy Allowed Here I sit, at work, doing the normal: reading emails, typing correspondence letters, and creating new case files. While I sit here, I can’t help but wonder, “Is someone monitoring everything that I do on my computer at work. Is every word I type in the correspondence being read,” More than likely, yes? In Mark McFadden’s essay, “Nothing but Net,” he contends why he has an issue searching through a fellow employee’s computer for violations. He believes looking through employees and children’s computers is a complete transgression of their privacy, and it’s not right. McFadden also believes, just because the employer or parent is snooping through the employee or child’s computer, doesn’t mean that he or she will stop the bad behavior. While I somewhat agree with McFadden’s beliefs about ones privacy, looking through an employees’ or child’s computer is completely necessary in regards to ethics and protection. Employee monitoring within the workplace, is an effective way for the company to find its unsatisfactory employees. According to McFadden, “a whole market of programs has emerged that allows companies to secretly record everything a person does with his or her computer.” In the past and present, employees believe that it’s acceptable to use their company’s computers to look at porn, participate in social networking, and send instant messages to friends. These activities should be done on the employees own leisure time. Employers like the security of knowing if their employees are taking part in things that are incongruous. The employers also like knowing if their employees are getting their work done. These spyware programs are the only way for the employer to know what is going on while the employee is on the company computer. For example, at my present place of employment, all

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