Huffman Trucking Executive Summary

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Huffman Trucking Telecommunication Improvements Executive Summary Huffman Trucking is an Ohio based transportation company that has hubs in Cleveland OH, Los Angeles CA, St. Louis MO, and Bayonne NJ. Started in 1936 by K. Huffman with a single truck and trailer, Huffman trucking is a major player in the transportation industry delivering products to and from factories to costal ports around the country. Huffman transports many products like auto parts, computers, wine, and munitions for civilian and government contracts. In today’s competitive market a company has to do everything it can to be number one in their respective industry and stay there. The mission statement of Huffman Trucking is to be a profitable, growing,…show more content…
Network switching technology refers to the hardware devices, such as routers and switches. Routers and switches also specify the type of medium or connection to use. However, routers and switches do offer a variety of medium types and are configurable to meet any network needs. Network Standardization. An efficient network also needs to standardize for ease of maintenance and administrator. The design and configuration of each MAN and LAN should be similar in hardware equipments. Some devices can be slightly different to adjust to the network…show more content…
Missouri branch is using Norton Anti-Virus corporate edition, Arc Serve Backup Software. Anti-virus will protect and remove viruses, Trojan horses and worms but to block hackers from getting access to the data, a firewall must be implemented. New Jersey Office/Plant. This branch is also not using a firewall. No firewall can be a disaster for Huffman Trucking because it allows hackers to get in and have access to organization’s valuable information. Firewall must be implemented at this branch also from protection from hackers. A firewall blocks unauthorized access and allow authorized users. Firewalls can be implemented in hardware or software to ensure unauthorized Internet users are blocked from accessing Huffman Trucking’s private network (Wikipedia, 2009). Ohio Office/Plant. Norton Anti-Virus corporate edition and Arc Serve Backup Software is installed for security at this branch. Like mentioned before, firewall provides better security against hackers which anti-virus cannot. Firewall can reside at the hub location on the network to provide protection for the branch offices connected to it, which will end up reducing Huffman Trucking the cost of deployment (Ainsworth,

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