Eningeeering Ethics Essay

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The Social and Value Dimensions of Technology 1. Discuss social issues raised by technology regarding privacy and intellectual property. Read the Case Study 38: “Software for a Library” from the text book and answer the questions at the end. Also, discuss the social ethical issues involved in this study and how they can be resolved. (use the template: Evaluation of Case Study) 2. Explain the terms determinism, optimism and pessimism in evaluating technology with regards to social effects. (write at least 2 paragraphs for each) In the case of the library software change, I feel it would save a great time of checking out the books and would provide more security than what is currently in place with the drawers open and access to everyone to easily obtain. All you would need is a system administrator, system administrator account and only one individual will have full access to the system. You would have to put the trust of the library personnel and staff who would have access to the system. As a system administrator you would have to perform a daily security audit check of who accessed the computer system and at what times they accessed it. I would also purchase a Norton antivirus software and place all lock downs on the system so hackers could not access the data. As a system administrator or even the Lead Librarian you should always have concern of anyone accessing your networks and stealing data from the computer. And to feel more secure I would purchase a firewall so that the outside would have A hard time accessing the network. I would also do a complete background check on the person that is being interviewed and or hired for the system administer
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