KSA Statements: Human Resources Receptionist

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KSA Statements: Human Resource Receptionist Student Name | CARL VENEREABLE | | Task Statement(copy/paste all task statements here) | Knowledge(cognitive skill) | Skill(learned) | Ability(competence) | 1 | Assist in the handling the HR directors calendar by arranging and reviewing his scheduled meetings, conferences and conference calls to ensure he knows his appointments, agenda and schedule. | Knowledge of calendar and Outlook Express | Organizational Collaboration | To communicate orally and in writingTo organize, schedule, and verify appointmentsTo handle conflicts of schedule and resolveTo pay attention to details | 2 | Receive and distribute incoming mail by receive the mail, sorting, and distributing to proper employee to ensure mail is received in a timely manner. | Knowledge of employee departments and locations | Organizational…show more content…
| Knowledge of filing system and protocols | Organizational | To sort, organize, label, retrieve information as needed | 5 | Assist in responding to public/employees inquiries, in person or over the phone, regarding personnel questions to provider clarification of policies, procedures or benefits. | Knowledge of personnel policies, procedures, guidelines, and regulations | Interpersonal and CommunicationCritical Thinking | To identify and analyze problems.To answer questions with clarification and develop appropriate solutions if needed regarding personnel problems | 6 | Monitoring employee time and payroll records through reviewing and logging staff work hours to ensure proper pay and benefits are given for work activity. | Knowledge of payroll formats and reports. | AnalyticalCalculationsTime management | To study reports, due mathematical problems, To work effectively under stress, work in a timely manner and
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