Unit 001 - Introduction to Personal Development Essay

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1.1 My duties and responsibilities of my own role are;  Filing of sensitive and confidential information  Manning a busy switchboard  Meeting and greeting residents/relatives/professionals on arrival at the home  Photocopying/Faxing  Purchasing and receiving of stationary supplies  Arrange for the repair and maintenance of office equipment.  Complaint handling  Handling of residents expenditures  Processing application forms  Contacting Applicants to Arrange Interviews  Arrange for the repair and maintenance of office equipment.  Any other office duties required by the Care Manager & Administrator  Create and Amend documents such Word Processing, Microsoft Excel  Basic Invoicing  Communicating with Suppliers via emails on a daily basis  Banking of Companies monies  Payroll on a 4weekly basis. 1.2 The standards that influence the way my role is carried out are the minimum standards for care homes which are regularly inspected by CSSIW the minimum standards have to be adhered to on a daily basis these things can include; • Ensuring that people have appropriate care that meets their needs. • Ensuring that people are being cared for by staffs who are properly qualified and able to do their job. • That there is enough members of staff to keep people safe and well looked after • Ensuring that people’s personal records, including medical records, should be accurate and kept safe and confidential. There are codes of practice which outline the responsibilities of each member of staff within the care sector. The Code of Conduct describes the standards of behavior and attitudes that the public and the people receiving care and support should expect of workers providing this care and support. The National Minimum Training Standards that we follow also ensure that care workers have the relevant training to carry out their job

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