The Law Offices of Jeter Jackson Guidry and Boyer

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The Law Offices of Jeter, Jackson, Guidry, and Boyer THE EVOLUTION OF THE FIRM David Jeter and Nate Jackson started a small general law practice in 1992 near Sacramento, California. Prior to that, the two had spent five years in the district attorney’s office after completing their formal schooling. What began as a small partnership—just the two attorneys and a paralegal/assistant—had now grown into a practice that employed more than 27 people in three separated towns. The current staff included 18 attorneys (three of whom have become partners), three paralegals, and six secretaries. For the first time in the firm’s existence, the partners felt that they were losing control of their overall operation. The firm’s current caseload, number of employees, number of clients, travel requirements, and facilities management needs had grown far beyond anything that the original partners had ever imagined. Attorney Jeter called a meeting of the partners to discuss the matter. Before the meeting, opinions about the pressing problems of the day and proposed solutions were sought from the entire staff. The meeting resulted in a formal decision to create a new position, general manager of operations. The partners proceeded to compose a job description and job announcement for recruiting purposes. Highlights and responsibilities of the job description include: • Supervising day-to-day office personnel and operations (phones, meetings, word processing, mail, billings, payroll, general overhead, and maintenance). • Improving customer relations (more expeditious processing of cases and clients). • Expanding the customer base. • Enhancing relations with the local communities. • Managing the annual budget and related incentive programs. • Maintaining annual growth in sales of 10 percent while maintaining or exceeding the current profit margin. The general manager will

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