Iranian Criminal Justice System

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Criminal Justice in The USA The United States of America has a superior criminal justice system in comparison to other nations. Sometimes referred to as a non-system, our criminal justice system successfully deters and process criminal actions fairly. The United States has a criminal justice system derived from European traditions. In effort to compare and contrast our system with a different country we will travel across the world to Iran. In this essay I will compare the differences of the criminal justice systems of the United States and Iran. This essay will be broken down into the basic building blocks within the system---Police, Judicial process, and corrections. In this essay, I will show that the United States system of criminal…show more content…
Irans constitution reffers to its judiciary as an independent power. There is a head of th judiciary appointed, along with a ministry of justice and a head of the supreme court. Parlimentary bills pertaining to the constitution are vetted by the Counsil of Guardians. After the first election of the Guardian Council, 2 landmark bills were passed: Qanon-e Ta'zir (Discretionary punishment law) and Qanon-e Qesas (Retribution Law). The discretionary punishment law gives judges the authority to execute and imprison those found guilty of crimes such as declaring war on god and plotting with forign powers. It also gave them power to sentence as many as 74 lashes to those who insult a government official, convene unlawful meetingd sell alcoholic beverages, fix prices, hoard goods, kiss ilicitly, fail to wear the proper hejab, or lie to the authorities. The Retribution Law subdivided crimes into hadd--those against god, and those against fellow beings, especialy other families. Some punishments are manditory others descretionary. Based on the notion of the talion, the Qesas Law calls for an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life. Along with these two fundemental laws changing Iranian law with the islamic revolution, we must recognize the modification to sharia. According to one source, the new laws of the…show more content…
Sentencing is given out by the judge after the trial is complete. There are many possible sentenceing options in the criminal justice process. Many different institutions are available. Prisons in america are severly over-crowded. When offenders are sentenced to the department of corrections, in most states they are transported to a classification facility for an assesment and to be processed for the offenders needs. Security levels are an issue with imprissonment. Individuals will recieve a security level to decide the type of prison to be introduced to--depending on the crime commited. There is a range of security levels from minimum to supermaximum security facilities. the offender is then assignened a custody level when introduced to the prison to show the prcuastion that needs to be taken while working with them. There are state and federal penetetiaries throughout the united states. Jail and holding cells also exist for short period sentences and transfers. Jail will commonly hold convicted and unconvicted offenders. The death penalty is available in sertains states in the United States of America. When an offender is convicted for a very serious crimes in these states the judge can sentece the individual to death. There are very few crimes that rate the death penalty, agravated murder being one of the seldom few. We must note that American detention facilities are focused on the 8th

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