Court History and Purpose

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Court History and Purpose Michele A Anderson CJA/224 June 8, 2012 Austin Zimmer Court History and Purpose The American justice system is a complex system that serves a purpose of administering justice and all other legal matters. This paper will examine the court system and its purpose. This paper will describe the dual court system and how it pertains to our justice system. This paper will also examine the role of the early legal codes, common law, and the precedent they played in the development of the court systems. This paper will identify the role of the courts in the criminal justice system today. The Courts and its Purpose The United States court system is a branch of the government that resolves legal disagreements through a legal, judicial manner. The courts use a process called the “Adversary Process” that helps to reach a decision in each case that is presented. In this method, the lawyers in the case present their side of the argument to a judge or jury. Each side presents their case. Each side will also attempt to discredit their opponent’s evidence. The judge or jurors in the case will then decide the outcome of the case. In this process, tradition says the truth will be found through this process. ("Federal Judicial Center", n.d.) The Dual Court System In 1789, the United States Constitution required the formation of the Federal court system. The 13 Colonies had their court systems in place. This was how the establishment of the Dual Court system was set in place. The Federal and State court systems uphold their independent status from one another (the Executive branch and the Legislative branch) ("Laws", 2015) The Executive Branch is the Federal court system. The President of the United States is the head of state and the Commander-in-Chief of the military. It is the duty of the President to implement and enforce laws
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