What Justice Means to Me

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“What Justice Means to Me” This paper will describe what justice means to me. This paper will also show how I strive to see that my definition of justice is served in my occupation. Justice is generally understood to mean what is fair, right, deserved, and appropriate (MCADSV, 2009). Justice is usually accomplished when the person charged of the crime is behind bars and the victim of the crime can feel that justice had been done. Justice is the concept of moral rightness based on rationality, natural law, fairness, law, equity, and ethics (Dictionary.com, 2009). Justice to me means giving what that person deserved for what crime they committed or in other terms giving each person their due. I also believe that everyone should be treated the same when being arrested no matter if you are a celebrity or not. There are to many times where celebrities get the easy road and do not even receive any jail time for a crime they have committed. If a regular citizen committed the crime they would receive time in jail for whatever crime in which was committed. Justice concerns the proper ordering of things and persons within a society (Dictionary.com, 2009). The concept justice has been subject to legal, theological, and philosophical reflection and debate all through the history of time (Dictionary.com). Justice is to do what is right and punish the ones who have done wrong. Justice is to maintain order and to punish the criminals in which have committed the crime. Justice being served is a common term in which is used in the English language. In my opinion, justice being served means the person who committed the crime is being punished to the full extent of the law and the victims or the family of the victims can rest more peacefully knowing that the criminal is behind bars and will not hurt anyone else again. Justice to me is greater than the terms
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