Internet Shopping Essay

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One of the phenomena these days is online shopping. The improvement in the internet and telecommunication contribute to spreading the online shopping. Online shopping can help a lot of people and companies who do not have stores to show their products. Also, it helps the company to show their products in a fancy way. Most big companies these days have a lot of offers that you can find in the internet and you cannot find in the store. Now, there are many arguments about whether online shopping is bad or good. Thus, online shopping has popularity in the entire world. In my opinion, the online shopping is great things for many reasons. First, we can buy products easily. Second, we can get great deals from the websites. Third, we can guarantee our security. First, we can buy products in easy way. This point makes most people like the online shopping. According to George Ball’s article (2008), “Online shopping has become a convenient alternative to the traditional brick-and-mortar store. It has provided a method of easily finding what you're looking for” (parp. 1). In addition, online shopping will help people who have special satiation such as handicap and obesity people. They always complain that cannot find clothes fit to them. Because of the progress in the internet and the websites of the big companies these people can find what they want easily. As a result, online shopping is providing easy way to find the products. Moreover, we can get the best price from our homes. Many of the websites make this move to support their websites and have more consumers. This move make people tend to buy online more. In addition, online shopping is really timesaver and permissible to have a best price from any stores or websites shopping. They imitate the internet as hyper mall; you can find any stuff or product you need. For example, there are a lot of stores buying groceries and
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