Unit 29 Understanding Retailing P1 Research Paper

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Tutor: Jeffry Tutor: Jeffry UNIT 29 – UNDERSTANDING RETAILING P1 And M1 Turkan Sanci UNIT 29 – UNDERSTANDING RETAILING P1 And M1 Turkan Sanci 2015 2015 P1) Definition of retailing- Retailers provide goods directly to consumers at a profit. They are able to do so since the aspects of retailing – operating from an appropriate location, offering attractive products assortments, ensuring to a limit where the stock is available to meets its demand, before the goods ready to go out the supplier add value of the products bought from the companies and eventually sold to the customers. Retailers cut their bulk deliveries from suppliers so individual customers can buy the quantity they require – very often a single item. There…show more content…
Also the products bought from online can be take back to a store and can be exchange or refund. Alternatively, kitchen or bedroom furniture’s could be delivered to the costumer’s house. All retail stores are now offering an eRetailing. This allows all the consumers to buy products from the internet. The internet has three main advantages compared with traditional retail outfits- these are: 1. Convenience- shopping online saves time including travel time, the cost of the park charges and the hassle of standing in the queue at the checkout. 2. Choice – have the ability to access to a massive range of products and services from all over the world, this can be gained through using the internet for shopping. This is the by the far the biggest advantage over the internet. 3. Cost- many products or goods sold online are cheaper than those are sold in the shops. This is because cost of shop premises and sales staff are invariably bricks and mortar retailers.…show more content…
I am going to be looking at some of the stores in Reading and how they have particular functions and how they have formatted their store, the locations of the stores and how they impact on the store. The main store types that I believe are big known shopping centres such as oxford circus, Westfield’s, Blue water, also shopping malls and in town shopping. A shopping mall will have numbers of shops of altogether where as in town shopping centres will have high streets and have local shops in the area. Oxford circus high street known as high street. Also Westfield in Stratford is an example of a shopping mall. Both shopping centres will have similarities and differences. Retailers prefer not just one location but also prefer different location so can gain more

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