Bcs/219 Week 1

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CLUB IT, PART 2 ANGELA MOSIER XBIS/219 NOVEMBER 18, 2012 INSTRUCTOR – CONCHITA GARNETT After investigating, I have identified three business problems in terms of its resources, supply chain and customers. While Club It’s customers are mostly Net generation and Millennial, whom regularly use mobile technologies, the dial-up internet service is slow and not effective. The service allows connection to the internet via telephone. While dial- up connections are a considerably less expensive alternative to high speed connections, they are very extremely slow. It may appear that Club IT is saving money by not paying for a higher speed connection, it is likely that the savings are not as significant as they may think. Since…show more content…
There is one company that offers software that would be affordable for Club IT, and cover all of their software needs. Hansaworld Company provides a single, integrated ERP software solution covering accounts, Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management (Hansaworld 2010). Hansaworld Company has also developed a fully integrated vertical market ERP software solutions for restaurants. With this software from Hansaworld the food and beverages can be better maintained and resupplied. Using the high speed internet and Sysco’s online ordering system, time pouring over stocked products and needed products can be greatly reduced. Management will be able to communicate with customers through the interactive online store. In conclusion, Club IT is successful and with the implementation of ideas and software. The club can be perpetually successful. Solving these major problems for the club through incorporating an ERP, CRM and SCM software infrastructure will allow the company more time and money to focus on the other areas to keep Page

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