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Club IT Technology Plan Wendy Fritz XBIS/219 January 8, 2012 Richard Vincent Introduction Over the past months I have completed a thorough examination of the needs, current practices, and future desires of Club IT. The owners are Lisa Tejada and Ruben Keys who requested this analysis to determine the best approach for moving forward and improving the current business. Club IT serves a demographic that is technologically connected. This market is made up of music enthusiasts of all genres. Singers, dancers, musicians, and listeners of all ages and backgrounds can find something to enjoy at Club IT. A variety of interests are served in this club by providing a place for musicians to share their talents and viewers to enjoy those talents.…show more content…
You are our friends, and we seek to build a community that meets regularly at Club IT." While this goal is being reached currently, Ruben and Lisa are looking to improve on existing services and wish to grow their business on a daily basis. Another goal includes a more efficient system to handle daily tasks, communicate with consumers and staff, and track business information. Longer term goals are to have more personal time and expanding the business to include another location. By incorporating upgrades to the information system, these goals will be attainable with less time and effort than is currently demanded. Organizing all systems within the club and making those systems user-friendly, easy to access, and easy to manage will provide timely information that can be used by the owners to make decisions that will move them toward their goals. It will also allow the owners to access all aspects of the business from anywhere at any time in such a way that is easy to understand, use, and gather for the purposes…show more content…
Dial-up internet service will be replaced with high-speed service through the local cable company. A monthly package that provides unlimited internet use will be purchased for this purpose at an affordable rate. Out-dated computers will need to be replaced as well. Two quality desktop computers for the office are required to centralize all aspects of the business for use by Ruben, Lisa, and key team members. Since Microsoft offers many programs that will be useful in organizing the business, and is usually included with new computer purchases, this is the software I recommend. This is also a familiar program to most users as well as user-friendly. Once all is installed, apps that can be found online can also be implemented at a later date, such as several Google applications that are pertinent to this business. I recommend Ruben and Lisa purchase smartphones that will provide remote connectivity to the business computers to allow each of them the freedom to access information from remote locations should the need arise. This will also enable them to perform many tasks from anywhere without the need to physically be in the building. While this can free up some personal time, I do not encourage a large amount of time spent away from the business as this is not appropriate at this time for the current situation. Initial steps such as purchasing the new computers and internet service, should be implemented

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