Internet Relationships Essay

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Internet Relationships As a result of the invention of the internet as well as its growing popularity, it has had a significant effect on today’s society as a whole. The internet has also had an increasingly effect on how relationships in our society are formed and their interactions. Internet relationships may seem to be the relationship of the future, however, they will never compare to that of face to face interactions. They do not provide for the same aspects of human interactions that a relationship in which those involved physically meet and instead hinder relationship skills of those who engage in them. Internet Relationships are not comparable to that of a relationship in which the people involved physically interact. They do not allow for those involved the same benefits that a face to face relationship allows for, which includes building of genuine social skills and interaction that is usable in the “real” world. Also, the truthfulness of those met online as questionable as when interacting online, a person may take on any identity that they feel necessary or fitting to the situation, rather than their genuine selves. The use of the internet allows people to assume different identities, which is not useful in the real world. When interacting face to face with another person, the “real” identity of that person is present, however when online that same person can assume one, or many different identities, as there is no verification on the internet. Online Interactions are changing the way we interact with one another as a society. Internet relationships are becoming increasingly common, which may be seen as advancement, however, it does not necessarily means positively. One may hide behind their computer screen and reflect a personality that is anything but their own. “That today’s life on the screen dramatizes and concretizes a range of
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