Infant Observation Essay

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Infant Name: Lukas Age: 11 month Gender: male Full Term Baby Observation Place: Lukas daycare I observed infant Lukas at his daycare on Jan 21, 2013 from 9:30am-12:00pm. It was a chilly morning but the sun was starting to shine through when I arrived it was around 55 outside. As I stepped through the wooden entrance, I was welcomed by a narrow hallway and was guided by a staff member to the play area, which was to the left; right across was the dinning area which I noticed some older children having their breakfast. I immediately noticed Lukas being the youngest among the rest of the children at the facility that day. He started at that daycare about 4 weeks ago. He is eleven months old; Lukas is a very large, solid boy for a age. The daycare has a large playroom with attached changing area, a children dining room and an outdoor area. For infants around 11 months old, they should be cruising around while holding onto the furniture. They should be feeding himself by now or put things into his own mouth. Infants at this age realize that they’re unique people. They have a strong sense of their likes and dislikes, and they’ve learned to use their emotions to get what they want. Communication begins to take on a more mature rhythm at 11 months. Babies at this age can engage in a regular back-and-forth conversation. The elder children in the daycare started their morning circle time around 9:30am while Lukas just finished his first formula bottle and he was crawling around the room and exploring new toys. Lukas was very happy and active in the playroom. He can sit up without support and pull himself up around the train table. He walked two or three steps holding onto the table. He reached out and grasped the Thomas train and tried to put it to his own mouth. That was a well coordinating reaching and grasping.

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