Preschool Observation Paper

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The observation took place at Children’s Learning World in Niles, IL on Monday, August 29th 2011 at 10:05 in the morning. I was observing a group of 15 children, ages 3 to 6 years old during the open work time. Children were playing in different classroom areas. Children’s interests, type of play they were involved in: Children were divided into small groups and involved in different types of activities. One group was painting and coloring; second group was playing with instruments and singing; third group of children was playing with manipulatives; fourth group was building with blocks; a girl was doing puzzles; one boy was reading a book; two children were eating apples and two more children were waiting for their turn to eat apples, they were sitting in “waiting chairs”. One teacher was helping children in the art area and the other teacher visited each group of children for a couple of minutes. Children’s conversations: Two girls were playing with sound cylinders in the music area and talking: A: “Let’s play a game.” B: “Yes, let’s put them next to each other.” A: “First I shake them.” B: “Now it’s my turn.” A: “Put them back in the box.” The teacher approached them and showed them how to play the “sound matching game”. She shook one red cylinder and listened to the sound it made and then she shook couple of blue cylinders to find a matching sound. The teacher moved on to another group, the girls continued to play the sound matching game, imitating teacher’s moves and reactions. The teacher approached a boy and helped him to explore the difference between vertebrate and invertebrate animals and divide them into two separate groups. Next the teacher moved on to a girl playing with different geometric shapes; Teacher: “This is a sphere; would you like to touch the sphere?” Girl: “Yes.”, she took it in her hands and put it in front of her.
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