Toddler Observation Essay

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Jyllian Gutierrez CD 125 Tues/Thurs 11:00 am Toddler Observation Description of Child: Maya is a year old and 9 months. She is wearing brown pants, a pink sweater and had short dark brown hair. Her eyes are somewhat almond shaped and the color brown. Maya has a fair skin color and looks about two feet tall. She is a very active and playful baby. Biosocial Development: As Maya entered the room she quickly approached the toys observed them and started running around the classroom. Based on this observation Maya has developed Gross motor skills. According to Berger, gross motor skills are “physical abilities involving large body movements, such as walking and jumping.” (Berger 145). According to the chart on page 147 the age norm for Gross Motor Skills 95% of all babies who master running is around 20 months. Maya at 21 months she is slightly above the norm and has mastered it. Maya looked around her and reached for a fork and a spoon and grabbed it making a fist. She showed development of fine motor skills. According to Berger fine motor skills are “physical abilities involving small body movements, especially of the hands and fingers, such as drawing and picking up a coin”(Berger 145). Berger states that “toward the end of the first year and throughout the second, finger skills improve, as babies master the pincer movement and self-feeding” (Berger 145). According to this information Maya being two years old is inside the range of this skill and within the norm. Cognitive Development: As Maya observed the toys she quickly started banging on them using her hands. She looked amused with the “bang” noise the toys were making. Based on her action she is what is called a “little scientist” which falls in stage 5: Tertiary and Circular Reactions. According to Berger “Little Scientist” is defined as “the stage-five toddler who experiments without anticipating
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