Unit 2 - the Developing Child

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Unit 2 Assignment D1+D2 Below is a chart on the expected stage of social development of children age 4 and 5 years old. Age Stages of development Activity Adult support 4 years old Plays in groups with other children. Circle time Set up the activities to help with their social development. 4 years old Takes turns and shares (most of the time.) When drawing with pencils, and crayons. Supervise them when there is loads of children doing that activity. 4 years old When engaged in conversation they would say why? How ? Enjoys role play and acting out e.g-superhero. Encourage them to be different things. (doctor, princess, vet.) 4 years old Demands for things e.g- a certain toy. Free play children do their own thing (play on their own, or in groups, or draw and paint. Praise them if they do something good. Age Stages Of Development Activity Adult Support 5 years old Choose certain friends they would like to play with. Make strong friendships. Play with their friends, share and take turns. (most of the time.) Help them read and write up to 20. And read them out words from books. 5 years old Can argue back and start copying words of other children and adults. Read and write (sometimes their name) they can count up to 20, sometimes 100. vocabulary 1,500 words. Give them advice on things. 5 years old Can hold cutlery the right way (still need help sometimes. Trying out new foods. (French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese.) Be a good role model to children. Teach what’s right and wrong. 5 years old Says ‘please and ‘thank you when been offered something to drink and eat. Baking (such as cookies, cakes, muffins.) letting each of them have a go. Adults supervision, make sure they all have a turn at baking. D3 It is a good method for looking at children’s all round development in a range of contexts such as social interaction while the child is

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