Childhood Observation Essay

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Observation #1 (toddler): Name: WillAge: 2Gender: Male General Description: Will is a two year old white male with blonde hair and blue eyes.He is small for his age and he lives with his father and mother. Where Observation Took Place:The observation took place at will’s house. When Observation Took Place:The observation took place on October 11th at about 3:30. Others Present:His father and mother where both present. 1)Physical Development 1.If toddler or preschooler, list examples of child’s movements.Will likes to run around and throw his balls.He can’t sit still for a long time.He has to be constantly moving. 2.Describe the infant’s, toddler’s, or preschooler’s large muscle development.Will is small for his age.But he has very good muscle development.He has very strong hands.When I was playing with him I tried to get a toy out of his hand and I had to really tug to get the toy out. 3.From observing the child, list examples to illustrate small muscle development.Again with Will he has very strong hands.He will keep whatever he wants until he decides to give it to you. 4.If toddler or preschooler, list examples of life skills that have been mastered.Will is still unable to talk but he has mastered many life skills.He understands the concept of sharing.Also when he wants to show you that he loves you he will bend down and touch you with his head.His mom and dad say he is giving love. 11)Intellectual Development 1.Describe the child’s general intellectual development, listing examples to illustrate.Will is getting close to understanding commands.But he is not there yet.He understands when he does something good or bad.But one thing that he does intellectual is when he gives love.It is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time.He will just hit his head on you and smile. 2.Describe the child’s language

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