Exemplification Essay: Moving To America

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Perseverance, an understatement of a word that could delineate not only my life, but to an 8 year old boy who emigrated from Columbia 3 years ago. Rewind 3 years, and you’ll catch two kids, sitting in the back of a library, with a pile of 1st-grader reading-level books surrounding them at a study table. Teaching a boy to read fresh to America is a tough task, and with the pressure of semester finals, soccer, and keeping your parents satisfied with your clean room or straight A grades, meeting every other day for a couple hours to teach a little boy to read who could only read in Spanish and spoke little English is tiresome to a 13 year old girl. My anal attitude towards details and stressing the vowels or explaining why there are 26 letters in the alphabet, yet there can be up to 44 different letter sounds, life could get exhausting and at times ‘giving up’ just seems right for the both of us.…show more content…
Nevertheless, after the frustrating sessions and doubts on if he’ll ever learn the material, maintaining (and sometimes faking) a jubilant personality gives that extra push forward to achieving a goal that may sound inaccessible and far-fetched. Though, being candid, attempting to sugar-coat this scenario isn’t one that appeals to me, in which I’ll admit that my vulnerability to distraction is to the point in which anything sounds better than doing tedious work that doesn’t intrigue to me in any way; yet this is when my perseverance shows through and my will to accomplish a goal is what makes myself and a little boy victorious. However, a brief summary of one scenario can only graze the surface of what I am though, 16 years in the
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