Storytime in the Public Library

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Storytime in the Public Library’s The first library story time presentation I attended was at the Villa Park library on a beautiful Saturday morning. This presentation was extra special for the children because the Villa Park firefighters were going to be the presenters and read the story to the children. The firefighter first gave the children a tour of their fire engine. Then they handed out red fire hats, stickers, crayons and fire prevention coloring books for all the children who attended the presentation. The storytime presentation was held outside in the courtyard of the library. There were red and yellow balloons all around the courtyard, and the children all sat around on blankets as the firefighter read aloud a fire safety book called “No Dragons for Tea.” This children fiction picture book is an informative story about a little girl who invites an adorable dragon to her house for tea. The dragon sneezes, and of course starts a fire. The story was told by firefighter Cameron, I felt his volume projection was good considering we were outside. Cameron held the book up so the children could see the colored pictures, and he did well with the different voices of the little girl and the dragon. The children were around 2 to 5 years old. There was a 2-year-old boy who would point to the dragon and growl, the other children sat and listened until the story ended. The children all left with smiles and balloons. The second storytime presentation I attended was at the Taft Branch Library. This presentation was held at 7:00 p.m. in the Salter room. The children were around 2 to 6 years in age they all wore their pajamas, and they each brought a blanket and a favorite stuff animal for storytime. The children all sat on the floor, and the parents sat in the chairs. Mrs. Boone was the storytime presenter, she first started the children with two songs, a teddy
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