Character Analysis: 'Sendak, Seuss And Keats Oh My !'

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Brittney Stegeman Professor Brockman English 101-001 Literacy Narrative 6-17-14 Sendak, Seuss, and Keats, Oh My! The most vivid, earliest memory I have of learning to read and write was when I was in kindergarten. I remember this because I remember a book my mom bought for my sixth birthday. It was called Chicken Soup with Rice by Maurice Sendak. She used to read this book to me and my two younger brothers every night at bedtime. We had this routine down or should I say mom had us on a routine. First, we took our nightly baths, then after we would put on our super hero underoos, and then we would sit down to the kitchen table for a snack. Once we had gobbled down the snacks, my brothers and I would make a mad dash to the couch. It was always a competition to see who could get the best seat which was the one on either side of mom. I laugh when I think of how my youngest brother would run so hard and so fast that he couldn’t stop. He would barrel into the couch head first then bounce off. It was as…show more content…
It was the drawing of a whale spouting chicken soup out his blow hole on a blustery Fall day. My brother always laughed and I would hush him as I continued to read, “Spouting once, spouting twice, spouting chicken soup with rice.” I felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment when I finished the last words on the page. I was proud that I could read big words like spouting, slipping, and sliding. I think that self confidence is what made me choose that particular book to read to my classmates that same year. My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Brinkman, let everyone pick a day to bring in their favorite book. She even let us read it out loud to our class if we desired. I have to admit, my classmates were impressed as any kindergarteners could be with my choice of books. Not to mention all the big words I could read! Boy, did I have them fooled. Clearly, I had been reciting the book more from memory than from actual reading

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