Literate Life History

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MY LITERATE LIFE HISTORY The very first memories that I recall regarding my literate life history have a very strong connection to my family especially my late mother and my uncle who both always wanted the best for me in terms of education as the only child in the house. Around the age of five years old my uncle used to bring me all sorts of children books and board games that had colorful pictures and interesting, adventurous stories in them that made me fall in love with books of all kinds. From the earliest days of kindergarten my mother used to read for me all the books that were brought home by my uncle from work in the primary school where he worked as a janitor. These books included stories about pirates, princess, nights and witches some of them were just nursery rhymes that my mother sang for me at night, which I still know by heart to this date in connection to my mother. At primary school I was able to read for myself some of the books that were meant for grade ones up to grade four leaners books and also had little assistant from my teachers and mother with all the words I did not know at the time. From then I had favorite books that I could read fluently and understand. These included Tom and Jerry, Cat in the hat, the three little pigs and much, much more that I used to read on a daily basis for my family and friends. The love of reading made me a very imaginative kid and a curious one at that, every week I wanted a different career when I grow up, which was very interesting and confusing also for my mother. Throughout primary School and high school my love of reading and writing grew and so, did the number of books and also my ability to pronounce and understand English. Before I knew it, I had been acing all the sorts of verbal and written work presented to me, by my teachers because for me, it was more of curiosity and interest rather
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