Literacy And Learning

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Literacy and Learning Literacy is a crucial part of everyday life. On a daily basis, the majority of people use reading and writing. I was taught at a young age to read by my parents. Adults and parents are the key to children’s success in literacy. Literacy at a young age helped spark my self-motivation to learn. Today, technology is playing a huge role in helping young children become interested in literacy. Children’s literacy is necessary to become a productive part of society. My parents supported my literacy in many ways. My mother read to me every night until I fell asleep. I can remember having dreams about the fairytales she read to me. My father let me pick a book out of the Scholastic paper I use to get every month at school. It didn’t matter how much the book cost he never said no. Welty said, “Neither of my parents had come from homes that could afford to buy many books, but though it must have been something of a strain on his salary, as the youngest officer in a young insurance company, my father was all the while carefully selecting and ordering away for what he and Mother though we children should grow up with.”(Welty, 391) I remember my father giving me his old Hardy Boys books when I was about eight years old. His words are still in my head,“These were my favorite books as a kid and I want you to enjoy them as I did when I was seven. These books kept me out of trouble,” he laughed. At first I was not really into the Hardy Boys, but since my father loved them I wanted to enjoy them like he did. “My father loved books, and since I loved my father with an aching devotion, I decided to love books as well.”(Alexie, 397) Parents want their children to succeed in life and they know without literacy the world would be a tough place. Self-motivation played a critical role in my literacy development. For myself, reading was
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