A Rocky Love Affair

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A Rocky Love Affair ‘Th, Th, The, C, C, Ca, Ca, Cat, T, T, J, J, J, Jum, Jump, Jump, Jumped, Umped, O, Ov, Over, Th, Th, The, H, H, Hou, Hous, House. The cat jumped over the house,” I say excitedly as I start my lifelong adventure into the world of words and language. Also known as beginning first grade. “Very good,” my parents say proudly as they hug me tighter to them while we enjoy our “special time” together. Reading and writing isn’t a daunting task for me. It transports me back to my childhood where my parents and I connected over our love of language and books. From the moment I first learned to read, I couldn’t stop. I read everything: street signs, cereal boxes, even things I probably wasn’t supposed to read. My parents realized they would soon have to spell things out, as many parents do. As soon as I learned to spell, which wasn’t long after I learned to read, my parents had no hope. I had entered their secret world of language, and I wasn’t leaving anytime soon. This love affair with language and books continued well into elementary and middle school where I surpassed my Accelerated Reading points every six weeks. My parents and I even had a system: when we had finished dinner, we would go into my room and snuggle up with a book that either they or I had picked. This soon became known as our “special time,” and every day I would look forward to it. My parents worked a lot during the week and many times I wouldn’t get to see them, but I could always be certain that when it was time for our “special time” they would always be there. Reading became much for than just reading for me, it became a way to connect to my parents in our all-so-hectic life. In fifth grade, my parents got a divorce and so did reading and myself. This love affair had ended as quickly as it started. The burning passion that I had to read had become charred pages of

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