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Comparative Commentary – Esha Gogri The two texts are very different. Extract one is a blog post by Allison Tate titled ‘The Best of Mothers’. The blog post is very recent, it was published on the 19th of August 2013 by The Huffington Post. Extract two is the cover of The New Yorker magazine from November 2nd of 2009. The first text has a lot of text but text two has barely text. In extract one, the blog post, the author speaks about being a mother and how she knows ‘the best of mothers’. Allison Tate starts of by saying farewell to the best of mothers and wives. She then goes on to introduce Katy Gerke who was possibly the best mother. The author gives importance to how Katy Gerke had read all 1,200 pages of the Lord of the Rings trilogy to her three young sons. She says this ‘caught (her) heart and placed it firmly in (her) throat.’ From this, I can tell that the author admired Katy Gerke. The tone of the entire blog post is very casual; just how blog posts usually are. The author has writes using words that we all use almost everyday. She repeatedly uses words such as amazing, best, love and Facebook. Even without complicated word choice, Allison Tate manages to string her words together really well. She uses alliteration, for example, in ‘friends to follow her footsteps’, ‘bedtime battles’ and ‘PTA president’. She often uses either short consise sentences or starts listing things. Her asking questions make the text friendly and her references to Instagram, Pintrest and Facebook make it appealing to todays audience. In extract two, the magazine cover shows a single image. Unlike other magazine covers of the 21st century, neither does it use a cluster of bright colorful images nor does it have much text. All that is there is a red title contrasting to the gray background. It is fairly dull and boring. The creator’s attitude towards technology is not

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