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IB ENGLISH MR. CHARACTER JOURNAL Elephant Run Author: Roland Smith JACKSON FREESTONE - Jackson is a brave, strong and loving father to Nick. He is also the owner of the Hawks Nest and enemy of Colonel Nagyoshi. This character first appears on page 21. His most important quotation is “If the colonel hasn’t sent you off by then, I’ll get you out myself.” This quote can be found on page 121. MOM -The mom in the book was a lovely woman who was the mother to character Nick. She was dating Mr. Freestone and later broke up with him. She lived in Kansas with Nick’s stepfather Bernard. Her most important quote was, “I agree with him. I’m sending you to Burma.” This quote can be found on page 4. Mom first entered the story on page 3. MYA - Mya is a beautiful Burmese young woman who is a friend of Nick’s. She is also a sister to Indaw, a daughter to Nany, and great granddaughter to hilltop. Mya first appears on page 5. Her most important quote is, “He chopped of the head of the man responsible.” This quote can be found on page 139. HILLTOP - Hilltop is an extremely old monk who is loyal, wise and very relaxed. He is the great grandfather of Indaw and Mya, and a friend to Nick and Sonji. Hilltop can also talk to elephants. Hilltop first appears on page 36. His most important quote is, “A carefully guarded secret.” This quote can be found on page 157. SERGEANT SONJI – Sergeant Sonji is a kind Japanese soldier who is also a Haiku master. He is a friend to Nick and Hilltop and an enemy of Bukong. Sonji also helped save Jackson from labor camp. He arrived in the story on page 103. His most important quote was, “He chops off people’s heads?” This quote can be found on page 108. COLONEL NAGAYOSHI – Colonel Nagayoshi is a powerful Japanese colonel who was the captor of Nick and all of Hawks Nest. He first appears on page 112. His most important quote was,
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