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My name Canice Dike, and this is my family tree of the Nwosu/Dike interjection. My birth began in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania , also known as the “City of Brotherly Love”. I had a tough life growing up because my mother went through trouble with my father. To be honest I was almost born in prison, but to be honest it was kind of a good thing. If I was born in a rich based area I would probably be a spoiled little kid and I thank god for being able to see through the struggles of one’s family and through the struggles of all this I think that it made me stronger and that I sympathize with the families that work super hard to make it in life. My childhood from my years from kindergarten to high school was an amazing, because I found my first…show more content…
My father is embodiment of the Dike family and worked hard to come to America. My father’s side was always full of hatred and turmoil and it was rough for my father growing up. Despite all that my father was able to bring my mother to America, but the most devastating thing happened. When my mother married my father and by the way she carries the Nwosu name her shoulders as well and another thing both of my parents have in common is that they are both the oldest in their respective families and I commend them for all they have done to unite the two most powerful families to make peace in my village in Nigeria. Like I was saying earlier the most devastating thing to ever happen in my family, is that my parents both went to prison on some drug charges. My mother was involved in it even though she didn’t have anything to do with the it. My father was the one doing the drugs but luckily my god father bailed her out and that’s how I was born in Philadelphia, PA. I used to Show a great deal of hate towards my father when I found out that he was the reason that my mother has problems getting a decent job like her other family members in America. Then later on in my life I learned to love and forget, also that people make mistakes I just have to learn from their mistakes…show more content…
My grandparents, I can’t really say much about them, because I never got to meet my grandmother from my mother’s side, but the stories that mother tell me she sounds like a great person, pretty much a older version of my mom. My grandfather on my mother’s side on the other hand I can speak very highly about him, because I met him on more than one occasion. When you speak about pride he is the walking definition of the word. He was a very powerful man in Nigeria and when I met him I quivered, because he was that powerful of a man. The thing I can say that he did well was like I said take his pride to the next level, but he is the complete opposite of what my grandfather on my father’s side. He was a very kind man and cared deeply about me and I cared about him deeply to and also we did a lot together, he introduced me to what sugar canes were and boy was it delicious, but anyways it was a great thing to be able to meet him. My grandmother from my father’s side was also kind and she loved me even more than my grandfather did . It bothers me that she passed away just recently and I loved her with everything that I am. I was very blessed to be able to meet her and at least my other grandfathers, but to meet my other grandmother would’ve made my life complete, till this day I regret not being able to meet my grandmother,

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