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My name is Elliot Roosevelt, the third born son of Anna Eleanor Roosevelt and I’d like to thank everyone for coming today to show their respect for my mother. Today, November 7th, 1962 we are here to bid farewell to a strong, kindhearted, compassionate woman, wife, and mother. She has passed away from bone marrow cancer but that never stopped her heart from touching so many lives. Eleanor was a woman with great sensitivity to the civil rights of all creeds, races, and nations. Her constant work to improve their lives has made her one of the most loved, and one of the most revered women of her generation. She travelled the country independently, visited coal miners and factory workers, wrote newspaper columns and opinion pieces, visited soldiers…show more content…
Just to name a few, she worked for the welfare of women, and freedom for all people throughout the world, worked with the Red Cross during World War I, NAACP. She also worked to abolish child labor and establish a minimum wage law. She helped create the National Youth Administration, which provides financial aid to students and job training for men and women, and helped develop the United Nations where she was a representative of the U.S. She received dozens of awards as well, such as the American Peace Award in 1933, the Four Freedom Medal in 1950, and the Nansen Medal in 1954. Eleanor was a published author of many works such as her autobiography, “This is My Story.” She touched so many lives with her tireless efforts to bring awareness to the injustice and uncivil ways of the world. Eleanor is an example of an angel from heaven, the perfect role-model, the heart of humanity, and she was the kindest, most generous person I know. My mother is survived my sister, Anna, my brothers, James, John, Franklin Jr., myself, and thirteen grandchildren. I’d like to leave you today with this quote from my mother, "In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility." This is how she lived her life. She will be missed by the world. May she rest in

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