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Throughout hurricane Katrina, Abdulrahman Zeitoun demonstrates many of his characteristics that make him out to be an honest and confident person as well as a role model for his community, clients, and family. These traits were derived from years of hard work in which Abdulrahman supported his large family as a hard working sardine fisherman. His ego ideal of being a role model is illustrated through his determination, work ethic, and family devotion. The author of the novel Zeitoun, Dave Eggers, uses all of Zeitouns characteristics and portrays him in a heroic light during a harsh time. Zeitoun’s wife, Kathy, is a large supporter of Zeitoun’s wonderful personality traits. The novel mentioned, “Zeitoun had turned out to be everything she had not believed possible an honest man, honest to the core, hardworking, reliable, faithful, devoted to family” (17). Kathy said this to explain how strongly she felt about Zeitoun upon first meeting him. Her words are so powerful when she is describing how she felt about Zeitoun when she chose to marry him. She understood his strong ego before they married and for many years after they were married. It was apparent that others also recognized his strong ego, which further influenced Kathy’s belief that her husband was a heroic figure. Due to Zeitoun’s inner strength, when Katrina hit New Orleans, he decided abruptly to stay home and battle out the storm. Kathy on the other hand wanted to leave immediately and she determined that Zeitoun’s courage would keep him from leaving. Zeitoun said to Kathy, “Nothings going to happen. People are making a big deal for no reason”(54). Abdulrahman knew that there was a possibility of a large storm ahead but he was determined to protect his house and stay in New Orleans. When Zeitoun moved to New Orleans he became a painting contractor, which turned out to be a very successful business.

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