Reader Response "We'Ve Got Mail Always"

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------------------------------------------------- Date: November 1, 2011 In the article “We’ve got Mail-Always”, the author Andrew Leonard discusses both the pros and cons of the e-mail revolution in a broad perspective. Leonard addresses how the new and quicker form of communication has simplified or complicated life for us in everyday life and in the workplace. Receiving e-mails from loved ones living in a different country about their adventures, new job offers from complete strangers, catching up with a primary school buddy in a matter of nanoseconds is indeed revolutionary. However, not all e-mails are enjoyable: spam, con artists pretending to be a long lost relative in desperate need of money, hectoring emails from your boss at 11:00pm that must be answered as soon as possible is heavily overwhelming. E-mail can also be dangerous since it can easily be forged, or destroyed. In a nutshell, Leonard’s article can be boiled down to his final sentence, “E-mail doesn’t just collapse distance, it demolishes all boundaries. And that can be depending on the moment either a blessing or a curse.”(p. 233) I faintly recall the first e-mail I received, but I do recall creating a personal e-mail address for a high school computer class. The transition from using typewriters to using computers was revolutionary, but then learning about the innovative form of communication through e-mail was astounding. It was quite exciting sending messages to a primary school friend living in England and receiving a reply message in a matter of minutes. E-mails made life so much easier and brought us closer even though we were so far apart, since she and her family moved after graduating from standard six. Prior to her leaving, we exchanged home addresses so we could keep in touch. We constantly wrote letters to each other but it seemed to take forever to receive a response and
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