Observation of a Child

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OBSERVATION OF A CHILD Observation of a Child Project 1 Observation: Name of Child: We will call this boy CGL. Age of Child: 3 Years old Gender: Male Where Observation Took Place: The observation took place at CGL’s home in the living room. When Observation Took Place: The observation took place on May 23, 2013 at about 7:30 pm until about 9:00 pm. Other People Present: CGL’s mother and cat were present. I chose to observe three (3) year old CGL in his natural and familiar surroundings of his home to get more of an understanding of just how he is progressing throughout his early childhood cognitive developing stages. Since it was late in the day and the child had finished dinner and bathed prior to winding down before bedtime, my observation also took this scenario into consideration. Summary and Analysis: I made prior arrangements with a friend to observe her child for my project. I arrived fifteen minutes prior in order to set myself up with a notebook and pens and have some interactions with the child and his mother. I made it a point to then arrange myself off to the side and out of the child’s direct view in order to eliminate any distractions. By doing this I was able to gain better insight of the interactions just between the mother and son. CGL is an only child that lives at home with his mother, father, and his cat Dunka. The living arrangements are a multi-level townhouse where the living space is on the first floor. The child also has his own bedroom, bathroom, and toys on this floor. Currently this family is in the early stages of moving, so there are boxes packed throughout the rooms. Five minutes after my observation period began at CGL’s home I could tell that he has a lot of energy and moves from one activity to another rather quickly
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