Infants Observation Essay

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For my obsevation, I observed a male infants who was 13 months. His name is Russell. He is a little over two and a half feet tall and has a good amount of baby fat that he carries well. He is starting to walk( takes a couple of steps then he goes to crawling). I obereved Russell in an older infant room where half of infants were sleeping and the older half were up playing. Myself and Jackie(the other infant teacher) was in the room also. There were a lot of quite toys like hard and soft book, rubber jaxs, plavtic shapesand stuffed animals. They was no scheduled art activity, just free play. Jackie was sitting on the floor writing on a daily sheet. Russell crawls to Jackie an all fours. He climbs up onto her support himself to stand up. He is standing on one knee and bangs the clipboard with his right hand four times. Then with the same hand he points the pen (she is writing with)using his index finger and touches the top of the pen. He then turns his head to look at me then continues to bang the clipboard. He touches the top of the pen again, Jackie then says with a smile “ Would you like to help me write Russell?” He smiles back at her then lets go of her and waves both hands up and down while saying ”wah, wah.” Then he goes back to touching the top of the pen. Jackie tells Russell that she need to get up to put the paper away and gets up to put it away. Russell lets go of her and places both hand on the floor. While on all fours he looks around him and proceeds to crawl the felt board that is attached to the wall. When he gets the the board , he stars to pull himself up using his left had first then the right and at the same time he using his left leg and then his right. As he stands he looks down at another infants who is laying on his back playing with a large rubber jax. Russell with a smile on his face, he slightly bends his knees and points to the

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