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Child Observation Observation Assignment Description of children: All the children at Gerber Preschool are between the ages of 3 and 4 years old and mainly consist of lower to lower middle class Hispanic and Caucasian families. Mya is a small statured 3 year old Hispanic Caucasian female, with light olive-toned skin, long brown hair, and large brown eyes. Toby is an average statured 4 year old Caucasian male, fair-skinned, blue-eyed, short brown hair. Toby and Mya both seem to be in good physical heath. Jesus is a slightly above average statured 4 year old Hispanic male, with dark brown skin, short spikey black hair and brown eyes. Spanish is Jesus primary language at home but is encouraged to speak English at school. Mya, Toby, and Jesus all appear to be right handed and in good physical heath. Description of Setting: The observation session began on Tuesday May 7, 2013, at approximately 10:00 AM in Gerber, California; the preschool has 2 adults and 8-10 kids. All the children were in line waiting to exit out the back door to the playground. The playground featured a large fenced off area with a large grassy area and the class flower bed covered by a large shade tree, large cement slab with tricycles and tetherball, play house, sand box, and large gym set. There is an assortment of activities available for the children to play including: kickball, bubble buckets, tetherball, hopscotch, jump rope, soccer, etc. Primary Observation: Start time 10:00 AM on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 10:00- Toby impatiently stands in line telling Jesus “I’m going to be the first one on the playground” Jesus yells “No I am!” two people behind them Mya and Jessica are holding hands laughing and whispering in each other’s ears. Everyone is squirming about unable to sit still waiting for the go ahead to head outside. 10:05- The children rush outside onto the grass and prepare for

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