Important Battles in the Hundred Year War

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How did the Hundred-year war affect France & England over the years? The hundred-year war fought between France and England was a fight to the throne on France. It was fought between the years 1337-1453 during which there were many battles between the countries. It started in 1066 when William the conqueror ruled England; he untied England and Normandy France. Then when Henry the II took rule the land expanded and England ruled over more of France but when Edward the III came to the throne he lost control of most of the French land. In 1328 when the French king Charles IV died with no male heir to the throne it sparked interest in Edward who believed he was the rightful heir to the throne because his mother (Isabella) was Charles sister. Although Charles cousin prince Phillip also thought he had the rightful place to the throne, this caused the first major battle of the hundred year war, The Battle of Crecy. The battle of Crecy took place in 1346 In France near Normandy in Crecy. King Edward III of England fought against King Phillip VI of France’s son the prince of France in the battle for the throne to rule France. The English Army had an estimated army of around 13,000, which consisted of Knights, men-at-arms, archers and spearmen. The French army was thought to have had up to 80,000 soldiers. Although despite the massive gap in the size of the armies, England still managed to win the battle of Crecy. This was due to the highly skilled and trained men using longbows, they had a longer range then the cross bows that the French armies used and could be loaded more rapidly. The French army were not prepared for the devastating results the longbows had on breaking through the enemy lines. The prince of France was injured during the battle and ordered the retreat of his troops, which meant King Edward, had one the advance in this fight. After
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