Napoleon Bonaparte: Hero or Tyrant?

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Napoleon Bonaparte was an important French political and military leader in the early 1800s and was one of the most important leaders in history. Napoleon became the first French consul after conducting a successful coup d’etat in 1799. Napoleon was very important during the French Revolution, and also went on to rule France and most of Europe from 1799-1805 due to his obsession of power and control. Even though Napoleon had some accomplishments, Napoleon treated his people like a tyrant would and thought of only himself. Because of Napoleon’s selfishness when conquering other countries he is considered a tyrant. Even though Napoleon was a tyrant, he still had many accomplishments to help benefit France. Napoleon ended the French revolution, therefore ending many of the country’s problems. Before Napoleon, there was constant violence, acts for revolution, and economic instability. Napoleon overthrew the Directory in a coup d’etat in 1799 and was the beginning of the Napoleonic Era. Also, in a span of just a few years, Napoleon achieved what some nations take decades to achieve. Napoleon reformed the legal code and created the Banque de France to restore financial stability. He also reformed the education and instituted an extensive program of public works such as building roads, bridges, and canals. Napoleon centralized the governmental systems and settled the French relationship with the Catholic Church. When Napoleon continued to take over countries, people began to realize that Napoleon was self-obsessed and was not in favor for the people. There were many things that contributed to Napoleon earning the title of a tyrant. Napoleon would do almost anything for power and control. He was overconfident with himself and took conquering too far, such as trying the Continental System to defeat Great Britain. Napoleon was power hungry for land much more than money,
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