Henry Viii's Foreign Policy

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Do you agree with the suggestion that Henry VIII and Wolsey conducted an effective Foreign Policy between the years 1515-1525? Henry VIII’s foreign policy orchestrated by Wolsey in the years 1515-25 was considered to be both a success and a failure. This essay will counter argue both sides of the argument as to whether it was a success or a failure. My personal opinion was that the foreign policy was a failure due to most of the aims not being met. The aims set to be achieved by Henry was to; Capture France, become a ‘Warrior king’ and to be known as one of the leading country’s in the world. I believe it was a failure to some extent because even though the major aim of capturing France was not met, Henry still made a name not only for himself…show more content…
I personally think that Henry failed in his foreign policy because he didn’t end up gaining a full grasp on France, this was the main precedence. The initial aim was to capture more land, gaining more land meaning capturing France and knowing Henry’s ambitious mindset, he most probably had his whole mind set on creating an empire and France was a good place to start. Had Henry been what he said he was ‘a warrior king’ he wouldn’t have been used as a toy twice throughout this unsuccessful foreign policy. Charles took advantage of Henry. At the Battle of Pavia, the French were defeated and Francis along with his strongest supporters were held captive. This held Charles in the position which Henry wanted to be in for so long, but failed to. But Henry was promised the French throne once the French had been defeated but once again he was humiliated as Francis was made to surrender large chunks of France to Charles and Henry gained nothing as Charles knew Francis could attack again once being released he took Francis’s sons as captive to prevent an attack and let Francis remain the King of France, what was left of it. Here again Henry was left humiliated as he gained nothing but gave everything. Henry could not even claim war against Charles as Charles was way too powerful for the English and they
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