How Far Do You Agree That Henry Vii’s Relations with Foreign Powers Were Dertermined by His Dynastic Insecurity?

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How far do you agree that Henry VII’s relations with foreign powers were dertermined by his dynastic insecurity? Henry VII came to the throne in 1485, by doing so he came to the throne with an orthodox, therefore not having a strong dynastic claim. He claimed the throne, by defeated the previous king, Richard III during the battle of Bodsworth. Nevertheless, he had received foreign aid which helped him to achieve this. On the other hand, once he had claimed the throne, he established motifs, marriage alliances and treaties in order to strengthen his dynasty. By the end of his reign in 1509, he had secured trade links, but also milatery glory, which indicate other factors contributed him to increasing his dynastic insecurity. Throughout his reign, the balance between England and France were Henry’s greatest concern. In the first few months of his reign, Henry made a one year truce with France, which later extended from 1486-1489. Nevertheless, the truce wasn’t easy, espeically over the corrupted matter of Brittnany, whom the French wanted to succed, as Francis II wanted to marry Anne Duchess of Brittany. This would have put Henry in an awkward position, as Brittany was a potential ally for England as it was an important trade link for the English. By the French claiming Brittany, it would mean England was vulnerable for invasion, as they would have taken up the whole of the French coast across the channel. The potential alliance led to the commercial treaty of Redon, in February 1489, whom England promised miliatary defense from the French. This forced Henry to take an aggressive stance against France, and led to the invasion of France in 1492, which he led an army of 26,000 men, into Calais, proceded to the Port of Boulogne and then land to siege to it . Consequently, due to Henry’s poor finances, the maintanace of this was brutal, therefore decreasing his
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