Do You Agree with the View Expressed in Source K, That the Diplomatic Situation Was the Main Reason for Henry’s Failure to Attain an Annulment from Catherine by 1529?

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Do you agree with the view expressed in Source K, that the diplomatic situation was the main reason for Henry’s failure to attain an annulment from Catherine by 1529? It is very clear that there was more than one factor that caused some difficulties for Henry VIII’s failure to gain an annulment from his marriage to Catherine by 1529. However, it is possible that the diplomatic situation has role in his failure, as it didn't help his case of getting an annulment and caused an impediment to his situation. Since the Pope was under the influence of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, it made Henry’s situation more difficult due to the fact that he needed the Pope to grant his annulment, and what made it worse was that Charles V was the nephew of Catherine and had a great input into any of the Pope’s decisions. Source K argues that the Diplomatic situation was a highlight of Henry’s failed attempt to gaining an annulment. In May 1527, Charles V and his troops invaded Rome, this caused Pope Clement VII being captured. With Clement being imprisoned and the Holy Roman Empire being invaded, it altered the diplomatic situation. This is because, the Pope had all the major influences on all catholic nations, and with him being imprisoned, and Charles being charge, it meant that he held the power over many European countries. This was a huge problem for Henry, as he needed the Pope to grant his annulment, but him being away, and Charles in charge, meant that it was impossible for him to gain anything. With Charles being the nephew of Catherine, it clearly showed that Henry faced a difficult time of getting an annulment. In Source K, it further supports this arguments, as it states in the source, ‘I have quite made up my mind to become an imperialist and live and die as such’. This quote, evidently shows that Henry would have a hard time convincing the Pope to grant him an
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